Baazigr11 is a new dynamic addition to the cricket fantasy sports apps in India.

The Baazigr11 app is easy to navigate and simple to use. You can invite your family and friends anytime by a simple text message from within the app, which will send a code to enable them to join the game of your choice in a challenge for fun and bragging rights.

Mission & Vission

Baazigr11 stands out as the leading fantasy cricket game, with lots of new and exciting features alongside regular updates. We are working hard to keep our app performing at its best, and will be asking for feedback from our users to make sure we are meeting your needs.

Baazigr11 offers the opportunity to play the sports you love with your family and friends, as well as other sport fans across India, and eventually around the world. Enter to win cash prizes or other exciting bonuses.

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